Budget Jones, signing in…


This is the life and times of Budget Jones, 30-something working mother on a budget, moistened with the occasional glass of wine and dreams of finding my Mr Darcy.

Here you can read about my gripping life, but more importantly my experiences of life as a lone parent, with a healthy dose of son-wrestling, Xbox scraps and teenage (daughter) angst, with maybe a few headlice slapped in for good measure.

If you can’t tolerate rambling nonsense, acute observations of everyday stuff and creeping, scalp-sucking bitey things, you may wish to look away now…

I would describe myself as an average Mum, with a penchant for brightly-coloured nail polish (often slightly chipped), who lovingly curates a state-of-the-art collection of stale crisps, cat fuzz and LEGO beneath my sofa. My blouses are always clean but often ever so slightly crumpled and I have given up caring what the neighbours think of my household happy noise. I work full-time and ‘embrace’ the challenges that this brings. Namely, a seemingly insurmountable pile of laundry, a rather dusty DVD collection and a DIY to do list that is longer than an Orangutans armpit hair.

Welcome to my blog!

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  1. Saorcha says:

    Hey, How do I go about subscribing to your blog? I can’t see no buttons to push…. ;)

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